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  • 2020.3
  • 07/10/2020
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Adding system ETW providers

In the Intel® GPA, tracing is disabled by default. To enable tracing, click the / button in the
Graphics Monitor Launcher
To modify the tracing options:
  1. In the
    Graphics Monitor Launcher
    , click the
  2. Go to the
    tab and configure the available tracing options:
    • Set the duration of the application run to be captured in a single trace file. The default trace duration is 5 seconds.
    • Enable the application startup data capturing by enabling the
      Capture Application Startup
      toggle button. Capture starts automatically at application startup and ends when the trace buffer is full.
    • Enable capturing of events to show parallel execution data in the Graphics Trace Analyzer for DirectX 11 based applications.
    • Select user domains to collect data about. The list of user domains is gathered from the analyzed applications defining them with Intel® Tracing Technology API and is updated upon exit from the application.
    • Select predefined Intel® GPA domains to collect data about.
    • Add system ETW providers.
D3DPerf, ID3DUserDefinedAnnotation, ID3D11DeviceContext2 Events, and WinPixEventsRuntime apply to the debug annotation API. It is not recommended to use these domains in the code together and enable these domains simultaneously in the Trace tab.
The default settings represent the common use case.
You can utilize the Event Tracing for Windows technology to collect events from custom event providers. By default, Graphics Monitor displays a list of providers already registered in the system. You can select a default provider or create a custom one. You can also use the bitmask to filter specific events.
To configure ETW providers:
  1. In the
    Graphics Monitor Launcher
    screen, click the button.
  2. Navigate to the
    tab and switch to the
    ETW Providers
  3. Click the
    Enter provider name or GUID
    field to get a drop-down list of available event providers.
  4. Select the desired event provider and click the
    button. The provider is added to the list of active providers.
  5. In the
    field, specify the bitmask for the desired events.
  • You can enable or disable individual providers at any time by clicking the
  • When you capture a trace with custom ETW providers enabled, the events from these providers will be grouped by provider name in the Trace Analyzer
    Trace Content

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