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  • 2020.4
  • 12/10/2020
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Configuring the Visualization Pane of the Graphics Frame Analyzer

Choose the view of the Graphics Frame Analyzer
pane you want for your analysis:
  • Erg Graph
    - shows metrics associated with each erg
  • Render Targets Graph
     - shows metrics associated with sets of ergs, grouped by render target
On traditional rendering architectures, you can toggle between the two views.
On tile-based rendering architectures, only the
Render Targets
view is available. This is because work is processed in batches, and per-erg metrics are not meaningful in tile-based rendering. For more information, refer to Erg Graph and Render Targets View.
To configure the bar chart, use the X-axis and Y-axis Metrics drop-down lists.
For example, to compare the relationship between shader durations with a single visualization, set
VS Duration
for the
axis and
PS Duration
for the
axis. In this configuration, tall and skinny bars represent ergs that utilize more pixel shader resources; short and wide bars represent ergs that utilize more vertex shader resources.
Graphics Frame Analyzer automatically saves
settings for the
Bar Chart
. If you exit the Graphics Frame Analyzer and then run this tool again, the previous settings are used. To reset the settings to the default, go to the
menu >
Reset Metric Selections
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