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  • 2020.3
  • 07/10/2020
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If the rendered scene does not appear as expected, you can change some of the DirectX* states within the Graphics Frame Analyzer to debug this and immediately see how the modified state affects the scene. Also, use this override to evaluate whether changing the state results in an acceptable change in performance compared to the corresponding change in the visual effect.   
To modify the DirectX* states:
  • Select the required ergs either in the
    Scene Overview
    pane or in the
  • Click the
    tab in the
  • Switch between the following tabs to change the corresponding DirectX* states:
    for Microsoft DirectX* 9 applications:
    • Render States
    • Sampler States
    • Other States
    • Lights (read-only)
    • Matrices (read-only)
    • Palettes (read-only)
    • Clip Planes (read-only)
    for Microsoft DirectX* 10 applications:
    • Blend State
    • Depth-Stencil State
    • Rasterizer State
    • Geometry Shader Samplers
    • Vertex Shader Samplers
    • Pixel Shader Samplers
If a state field includes a value, then all selected ergs use that value; change the value in the state field to change the value for the selected ergs. If a state field is empty, as shown in the following figure, this means that two or more of the selected ergs have a different value for that state field. If you set a value in this empty state field, that value is then used for all the selected ergs.
If the modifications you make affect the ergs' performance, you will see the changes in the , and .

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