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  • 2020.4
  • 12/10/2020
  • Public Content

Viewing API Parameters and Statistics for DirectX 9/10 Frames

To view the parameters and statistics for each API, select
API Details
from the Graphics Frame Analyzer View menu.
Searching for a Function or a Parameter
To search for function names or parameters that contain specific text, you can enter the text in the
edit box.
Filtering the API Details
You can filter the API Details by erg. Use the
Erg Filter Options
drop-down list to show just the ergs of interest:
You can filter by the erg number or the erg ID. These values are shown in the first two columns of the
API Details
dialog box.
To filter on the ergs that are selected in the and in the
Scene Overview
, check the
Filter on main selection
check box.
Copying API Details
To copy data from this tree list to the clipboard, use
Saving API Details
To save the APIs to a file, click the
In the
Export API Details
 dialog box you can select the scope:
  • All
    - to export all APIs
  • Filtered
    - to export only the APIs that match the filter criteria
  • Selected
    - to export the selected APIs
You can save the data in CSV or XML format.
Selecting the Desired Ergs in the Ergs Visualization Panel
To display the desired ergs in the , select one or more ergs in the
API Details
dialog box,  right-click them, and select
Set erg(s) as main selection
Viewing Selected API Details
To view detailed information on a specific API, select it in the
API Details
dialog box and refer to the
Selected API Details
field displaying the following data:
  • API name
  • parameter names
  • parameter values
Viewing Frame API Statistics
To view statistics about the DirectX* APIs in the frame, refer to the
Frame API Statistics
field displaying the following data:
  • the number of times the API is called
  • the number of times the API is called, divided by the total number of draw calls

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