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  • 2020.3
  • 07/10/2020
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Metadata is extra information, generic data which can be attached to a task, a thread, a process, etc. Metadata has a type, name, and value. The value encoding depends on a metadata type. It may contain either string data or a number of integer or floating point values.
To create metadata, use the following primitives:
void __itt_metadata_add(const __itt_domain *domain, __itt_id id, __itt_string_handle *key, __itt_metadata_type type, size_t count, void *data) void __itt_metadata_str_addA(const __itt_domain *domain, __itt_id id, __itt_string_handle *key, const char *data, size_t length) void __itt_metadata_str_addW(const __itt_domain *domain, __itt_id id, __itt_string_handle *key, const wchar_t *data, size_t length) void __itt_metadata_add_with_scope(const __itt_domain *domain, __itt_scope scope, __itt_string_handle *key, __itt_metadata_type type, size_t count, void *data) void __itt_metadata_str_add_with_scopeA(const __itt_domain *domain, __itt_scope scope, __itt_string_handle *key, const char *data, size_t length) void __itt_metadata_str_add_with_scopeW(const __itt_domain *domain, __itt_scope scope, __itt_string_handle *key, const wchar_t *data, size_t length)
The following table defines the parameters used in the Metadata API primitives.
__itt_domain* domain
Metadata domain
__itt_scope scope
Metadata scope: task, thread, process, and global. If a scope is undefined, metadata belongs to the last task in the thread.
__itt_string_handle* name
Metadata name
__itt_metadata_type type
Metadata type; used only for numeric metadata
size_t count
Number of numeric metadata items
size_t length
Number of symbols a metadata string
void *data
Actual metadata (array of numerics or string)
const char *data
const wchar_t *data

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