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  • 12/10/2020
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Thread Naming API

By default, each thread in your application is displayed in the
track with a default label generated from the process ID and the thread ID, or with the OS thread name. You can use the Thread Naming API in your code to give threads meaningful names.
To set a thread name using a char or UNICODE string, use the following primitive:
void __itt_thread_set_nameA (const __itt_char *name) void __itt_thread_set_nameW (const wchar_t *name)
Or use the macro in the following way:
Parameters of the primitive:
Thread name
If the thread name is set multiple times, only the last name is used.
Usage Example
You can use the following thread naming example to give meaningful names to the threads you wish to focus on.
DWORD WINAPI service_thread(LPVOID lpArg) { __itt_thread_set_name(__TEXT("My service thread")); // Do thread work here return 0; } DWORD WINAPI thread_function(LPVOID lpArg) { __itt_thread_set_name(__TEXT("My worker thread")); // Do thread work here return 0; } int main(int argc, char* argv[]) { ... CreateThread(NULL, 0, service_thread, NULL, 0, NULL); CreateThread(NULL, 0, thread_function, NULL, 0, NULL); ... return 0; }
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