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  • 2020.4
  • 12/10/2020
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Window: Legacy Profiling View (DirectX 9/ 10 Workloads)

When you open DirectX 9/10 frames with Graphics Frame Analyzer, you can analyze performance data and experiments, as shown in the following screen capture:
  • File - enables you to open frame capture files and exit the tool
  • Edit - enables you to change the
    Metric Configuration
    , reset metrics selection, select ergs, and scroll to the selected erg in the
    Scene Overview
  • View - enables you to open a large view of the
    Render Target Viewer
    , view metric values range, and API details.
  • Help - enables you to open the system information details and the help documentation.
Helps configure the erg display shown in the
Displays the sequence and duration of captured events in graphical format.
Shows a list of all ergs or regions and also metrics for a single erg.
Tabs Pane
  • Frame Overview tab - shows metrics for the entire frame
  • Details tab - shows the sum of the metrics and their values for the currently selected set of ergs
  • Texture tab - displays all the textures associated with the currently selected set of ergs
  • State tab - displays a summary of all the API render states associated with the selected set of ergs
  • Shaders tab - displays shader code for all applicable pipeline stages associated with the selected set of ergs and enables you to change it
  • Shader Constants tab - displays all of the constant register values associated with the shaders used by the currently selected ergs.
  • Experiments tab - enables you to test for common rendering bottlenecks
  • Pixel History tab - displays a list of ergs affecting the pixel selected in the
    Render Target View
  • Geometry tab - displays the pre-transform vertices, provides different visualization modes, shows vertex position values, and displays performance metrics for individual pipeline stages.
  • StretchRect tab - shows the surfaces before and after a
  • API Log tab - displays all of the API calls made by the application in drawing the frame
Displays information on the selected ergs.
Shows the list of all render targets.

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