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  • 2020.4
  • 12/10/2020
  • Public Content

Graphics Frame Analyzer Menu: Edit

Graphics Frame Analyzer
menu consists of the following items:
  • Metric Configuration
    - opens the
    Metric Settings
    dialog box with a list of available metrics. Select metrics to make them available in the
    Scene Overview
    pane and pane (X-axis and Y-axis). The selected metrics are displayed in the  tab and Details tab.
  • Reset Metric Selections
    - resets
    View Selection
    Metric Selection
    settings in the pane, and  
    settings in the
    pane to the default.
  • Select All Ergs
    - selects all ergs.
  • Deselect All Ergs
    - clear erg selection. Alternatively, you can press the
  • Scroll to Selected Erg
    - scrolls ergs listed in the
    Scene Overview
    pane up to the first selected erg.
  • Copy Metric Values to Clipboard
    - enables saving the metrics data in the Tab Separated Values (TSV) format. The following submenus copy the respective data to clipboard:
    • Selected Ergs
      - erg information.
    • Render Targets with Selected Ergs
      - metrics data for the selected ergs of a render target.
    • Regions with Selected Ergs
      - metrics data for all regions that contain the selected ergs.
    • Details Tab (Sum of Selected Ergs)
      - all metrics and their total values for the selected ergs.
    • Frame Overview
      - metrics for the entire frame calculated in one pass.

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