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  • 2020.3
  • 07/10/2020
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tab displays a list of all metrics and their total values for the currently selected erg. Find the following information in the
  • Metric
    - metric names grouped by the pipeline stages
  • metric values:
    • Old Value
      - the original metric value
    • New Value
      - the metric value after you apply modifications in the Graphics Frame Analyzer
    • Delta
      - the absolute change between the
      Old Value
      New Value
    • % Delta
      - the percentage change betwleen the
      Old Value
      New Value
  • Description
    - an explanation of what this metric measures
Hover the mouse over a metric name to view an explanation of what this metric measures.
If you modify the captured frame in the Graphics Frame Analyzer, some rows in the
tab get highlighted with a gradient of red or green. The greener the row, the smaller the metric value as compared to the unmodified frame. Conversely, the redder the row, the higher the metric value.
tab is not available on tile-based rendering architectures.

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