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  • 2020.3
  • 07/10/2020
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Frame Overview
tab displays the metrics for the entire frame, which are calculated in one pass, not by summing the ergs. It is static, and does not change with erg selection.  
Refer to this tab to check how differences affect the entire frame timing.
Frame Overview
tab enables you to drill down into small sets of draw calls. For example, analyze what makes the rendering of the car tires so expensive.
This tab shows the following information:
  • Metric
    - metric names
  • metric values:
    • Old Value
      - the original metric value
    • New Value
      - the modified metric value
    • Delta
      - absolute change between the original and modified values
    • % Delta
      - percentage change between the original and modified values
  • Description
    - information about the metric. See the in this document to get more details on the available metrics.
Hover the mouse over a metric to see information about it:
If you modify the captured frame in the Graphics Frame Analyzer, some rows in the
Frame Overview
tab get highlighted with a gradient of red or green. The greener the row, the smaller the metric value is as compared to the unmodified frame. Conversely, the redder the row, the higher the metric value.  
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