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  • 2020.4
  • 12/10/2020
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Pane: Trace Content

Type Filter Expression
Filters trace file tracks by name or parameters. Saves previous search keywords.
Collapse All Groups
Closes all unfolded track groups.
Expand All Groups
Unfolds all track groups.
Includes aggregated information on trace file content in the following order:
    - enables you to mark any timestamp on the
    ruler. You can change name and color of a Bookmarks Group.
    To add a bookmark, do the following:
    1. Select the required Bookmarks Group to enable a bullet selector.
    2. Click on a desired timestamp on the Timeline ruler.
    To delete a bookmark, do the following:
    1. Select the required Bookmarks Group to highlight it and make the corresponding bookmarks visible.
    2. Click on a bookmark to be deleted
    3. Press
    On the
    ruler, you can see only the bookmarks of the Bookmarks Groups highlighted in the
    Trace Content
    pane. You can edit only a Bookmarks Group that has a bullet selector.
  2. Aggregated CPU activity
    (CPU context switches)
  3. Active GPU adapters
    (GPU frames; GPU queues; Flip queues; VSync events)
  4. Target instrumented process
    a process, for which the opened trace was captured.
  5. Other processes
    in the system contributed to the trace.
  • Target instrumented processes and other processes contain CPU queues, executed threads, system events, regions, and metrics.
    Events from custom Event Tracing for Windows* providers are also shown for each thread, grouped by provider name.
  • T
    o change track color or event color in the Trace Viewer, use the
    Track Color Modification
    button or
    Marker Color Modification
    button, respectively.
  • Track from the Track list can be dragged and dropped to the Trace Viewer.

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