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  • 2020.4
  • 12/10/2020
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Pane: Metric Charts

Metric Charts
pane can accommodate an unlimited number of charts that visualize the values for various metrics collected by the System Analyzer. The System Analyzer
Metric Charts
pane offers the following customization options:
  • Display any combination of metrics and instantly switch between different counter sets.
  • Combine multiple metrics with the same measurement unit on one chart by dragging the charts onto each other. For example, the
    EU Active (%)
    Eu Stall (%)
    metrics can be combined since both of these metrics are represented as percents. To do this, grab the metric by the tab and drag it onto another chart, or drag a metric from the
    Metrics Control pane and drop it onto an existing chart.
    To remove a track from the combined chart, click the
    button by the metric name.
  • You can change the appearance of each chart by switching between
    Bar Chart
    Line Chart
    modes. If there are multiple metrics combined on one chart in
    Bar Chart
    mode, their values are added cumulatively to each other.
  • Using
    Pause Mode
    , you can zoom in and out on the charts to get a closer look.
Once you customize the chart area, System Analyzer saves your settings and restores them next time you run an analysis.
Chart Details panels
Each chart displays a graph for the selected metrics over time.
The Chart Details panel of each chart provides the following metric data:
  • metric name and units
  • minimum value ("L") displays the minimum value for the visible chart area
  • current value
  • maximum value ("H") displays the maximum value for the visible chart area
Metric Charts and Controls
Timeline ruler
Correlates all the displayed metrics with the timeline. Depending on the zoom-in level, the time intervals are displayed in seconds, milliseconds, microseconds, on nanoseconds.
Realtime Mode
Pause Mode
Pause mode
button allows you to pause the metric charts at any point. When
Pause mode
is enabled, System Analyzer shows metric values for the preceding period specified by the  
Pause mode caching duration
 option of the 
 pane. In
Pause mode
, metric collection continues in the background, and you can zoom in on the charts to get a closer look. Press the button again to resume metric display in real time.
Full Zoom Out
Zooms out to get the full view of the metric charts. This button is only available in Pause mode.
Individual chart controls
Hover over any chart to show additional chart controls for each chart
Bar Chart
mode /
Line Chart
mode toggle
Close chart
Chart scale controls

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