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  • 2021.1
  • 03/24/2021
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What's New with Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers

Intel GPA 2021.1

Intel GPA 2021.1 includes functional updates. You are recommended to update to the latest version.
  • Graphics Frame Analyzer
    • DirectX 12 Multi-frame profiling for stream files with significantly improved quality of stream capture/playback. Multi-frame profiling for DirectX 12 streams is now fully supported and is enabled by default.
    • DirectX 12 Queue call markers in Multi-Frame View For DirectX 12 streams, markers that highlight points in time when each queue call was made are now shown directly on the time line. Calls from all queues are visible. You can also click each marker to select the corresponding call on the Stream Content pane.
    • In Frame Analyzer, the metrics table now shows both plus and minus signs for positive and negative values in the "Delta" column, respectively.
  • Graphics Trace Analyzer
    • CPU threads synchronizations via SetEvent/WaitForSingle(Multiple)Object(s). Synchronization relations can now be traced all the way to the CPU thread that resumes execution after receiving a signal.
    • Active and inactive thread zones visualization. On the Trace Content pane, green bars now highlight areas where a thread was active. Areas where a thread was idle are highlighted with gray bars.
    • Default 100% Y-axis scaling for percentage metrics. Percentage metrics are now auto-scaled to 100% to help estimate the disparity between different metrics quicker.
See the Release Notes for the list of new features supported in the 2021.1 release of Intel GPA, installation notes, and known issues and limitations. To find documentation for previous Intel GPA releases, refer to documentation archive.

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