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  • 2020
  • 09/09/2020
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Changing Result and Result Directory Name Templates

You can control - at a cross-project level - how the
Intel Inspector
names future results and result directories. For example, you may choose a cryptic name for results you consider temporary and plan to delete, or you may choose a more descriptive name for long-term audit purposes.
To change the name template for future result and result directories:
  1. Choose
    . In the
    dialog box, choose the
    Result Location
  2. In the
    Result name template
    text box, supply a new naming convention.
  3. Click the
Outcome: The
Intel Inspector
renames future results and result directories.
represents the next available number. The name template must contain at least one but no more than eight @ symbols.
When you change the name template, the
Intel Inspector
does not rename existing results or result directories.

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