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  • 10/21/2020
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Thread Start Information

Occurs when the
Intel Inspector
detects the creation of a thread. This
is really informational feedback useful for confirming the number and location of threads created during application execution and data collection.
You should expect at least two such messages when inspecting a multithreaded application. If the
Intel Inspector
reports only one such message for a multithreaded application, you may be executing the application on a single core machine where the application creates, by default, the same number of threads as cores. If this is the case, increase the number of threads generated by the application in order to use the full range of the
Intel Inspector
Intel Inspector
may be able to detect the creation of a thread but not the start or creation site.
Problem type: Thread start information
Code Location
Creation site
Represents the location and call stack where a thread was created.
Start site
Represents the location where the thread started execution.

Product and Performance Information


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