• 07/14/2017
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96B Compatible Expansion Board

Intel provides a 96Boards™ compatible reference design for the 5xx series compute module, including circuit board files, the PCB bill of material, a technical user guide and CAD models of the board under the Creative Commons v3 (unported) License. A copy of the license is included within the download package.
It is important to note that this item is not offered by Intel as a product and no support is provided for this design.
The intent of this reference design is to demonstrate functionality within a layout and configuration familiar to those who have worked on other 96Boards™ products. While effort was made to adhere to the 96Boards™ Consumer Edition Specification, the features of the compute module necessitated the few deviations that are noted below, these are further described within the technical guide.
Deviations from the 96Boards™ Consumer Edition Specification
  • MIPI CSI interfaces are on the compute module and are not routed to the high speed connector
  • Assembly exceeds component height specification on top side, bottom side specification may be exceeded per heatsink selected
  • JTAG interface is optional in the 96Boards™ specification and not provided on the reference design
  • 96Boards™ extended specifications are not implemented, including PCIe, and not provided on the reference design
  • WiFi and Bluetooth services are provided by the module, not a device on the 96B compatible board
  • Wireless activity LEDs are part of the compute module, not a device on the 96B compatible board. Colors vary.
  • Wireless antennas designed into the board layers are connected to the compute module by jumper wires
Download the package here.
Review the bundled readme for the latest updates and descriptions of package contents.

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