• 07/14/2017
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Create a Camera and Fan Enclosure for the Intel® Joule™ Developer Kit

You can create an enclosure for the cameras and fan with the STL files from the Download Center. These files are shared with you under the Creative Commons license also included in the downloaded zip file.
Follow these instructions for assembling the enclosure with the developer kit.
  1. 3D print or acquire the camera enclosure pieces:
    • 1 base
    • 1 fan retainer
    • 1 top cover
  2. Remove standoffs from expansion board; if installed. The cameras and heatsink should be already installed on the expansion board.
  3. Place the largest piece, the top cover, or chassis, on the workbench in a bowl shape.
  4. Place the fan in the chassis, paying attention to airflow direction. Place the fan retainer over the fan and secure with four M2 x 8 mm screws, as shown.
    Shown with fan installed:
  5. Connect the fan power lead to socket J17 on the bottom side of the expansion board.
  6. Verify that the expansion board looks like the illustration below. Take care not to crimp, twist, or fold the flexible flat cables. It can damage the signal traces inside.
  7. Orient the expansion board over the chassis with the heatsink facing down.
  8. Slide the cameras into their slots.
  9. Route the wireless antenna lines through the pinholes on the enclosure's back side and tape down the antenna ends to the recessed areas on the case. For more information on antenna care, see Antenna Placement.
  10. Tuck the flex cables inside the chassis without folding or crimping them. Tuck the fan wire inside also. The expansion board is now seated flush with the top of the chassis.
  11. Put the base on the chassis aligning the screw holes and secure with three M2 x 8 mm screws.

Completed enclosure

Top view
Bottom view

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