• 07/14/2017
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Reference Fan Mounting Block for the Intel® Joule™ Platform

You can create a fan mounting block from these downloadable STL files. These files are provided under the Creative Commons license also included in the downloaded zip file.
Sunon manufactures the reference cooling fan under item number MC30100V2-000U-A99. View the complete reference fan assembly drawing.
Note: This solution is not recommended for video workloads over 4 watts such as MIPI CSI, RealSense, or video encode.
Follow these steps to attach the reference fan mounting block and install the reference fan:
  1. Remove any existing hardware from the expansion board mounting locations the fan base will share.
  2. Align and place the fan mounting base on the expansion board.
  3. Replace/install mounting hardware to secure the base to the expansion board.
  4. Position the reference fan so the label is facing the reference heatsink. Then press the fan down into the mounting base until the tabs on the mounting base engage the fan housing.
    Airflow blows across the heatsink to provide the best cooling efficiency.
  5. Connect your fan to a power source by one of these methods:
Fans can be powered by the expansion board breakout connector at J13 Pin1 (Ground) and J13 Pin2 (+5VDC).
: The 5V DC bus is energized whenever the module activates the voltage regulators on the expansion board. You are responsible for ensuring all loads on the Intel® Joule™ expansion board don't exceed the available current.
J4 connector on the bottom of the expansion board accepts housing manufactured by TC Connectivity under item number 353907-1. The crimp pins are TC Connectivity item number 353908-6 (2 needed).
An alternate harness/connector can be tack soldered to the J17 leads.

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