• 07/14/2017
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Expansion Board Datasheet

This section describes the devices and circuitry on the expansion board (also known as the Development Kit) for the Intel® Joule™ compute module.
The expansion board is a development platform for prototyping and exploring application solutions powered by the Intel Joule module. As such, certain devices and features might not function, depending on the firmware installed, the operating system installed, and devices attached to ports and connectors.
Scope of this document is limited to functions performed by the expansion board.
Consult datasheets from the original device manufacturer and available information provided by the operating system vendors for software environments to fully understand what is available from the original device manufacturer.
Expansion Board Design Files
See Expansion Board Engineering Files for downloadable design packages that contain the files required to have a facility fabricate and assemble the expansion board.
Part Numbers
The part numbers listed throughout this document are the specific parts on the Intel Joule expansion board at the time of publication. Those parts may in the future be replaced with equivalent parts from other manufacturers.

Product and Performance Information


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