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Mechanical and Environmental

Mechanical Dimensions
The following figures provide pertinent dimensional information for the Intel® Joule™ expansion board for reference only. This information can change at any time.
The DXF and STP files are available from the Download Center. These files are provided under the included Creative Commons Attribution 3.0* (unported) License.
Expansion Board Key Dimensions - top view
Expansion Board Key Dimensions - side view
Operating Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
Electrostatic discharge tolerance is specified at ±4 kV on all interface connectors.
Temperature Range
The Intel® Joule™ module is designed to operate normally while the Ambient Air Temperature remains between 0°C and 70°C. This assumes open air operation (no enclosure), no solar heating, and workloads that are appropriate for the cooling solution in use.
Cooling Fan (J17)
The expansion board provides a three-pin fan connector (J17) which is located on the bottom side of the board. The connector provides a +5 volt (+V5P0V) supply. Accessories, such as the Reference Fan with Mounting Block or Integrated Fan Heatsink (Fansink) Assembly, could connect here for power.
Refer to the Thermal Management Guide for related information.
Fan connector pin assignments
Pin #
Net Name
Signal Description
+5 volt supply to fan assembly
Reserved – No connect
No connect
No connect - Reserved for future use
Thermal Profiling and Enclosures
See the Thermal Management Guide for guidance on measuring application workload and selecting an appropriate cooling solution.

Product and Performance Information


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