• 07/14/2017
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Expansion Board Design Guide

The Design Guide provides guidance towards designing your own expansion board for use with the Intel® Joule™ module, based on our experience designing the reference expansion board described here.
This document provides the minimum information needed to design an expansion board for a module.
: The guidelines recommended in this document are based on preliminary simulation work done at Intel while developing systems. This work is ongoing, so the recommendations are subject to change.
: If the guidelines listed in this document are not followed, it is very important the designers perform thorough signal integrity and timing simulations. Even when following these guidelines, Intel recommends the critical signals be simulated to ensure proper signal integrity and propagation time. Simulate any deviation from the guidelines.
The audience is expected to have a background in electrical engineering, printed circuit board design methodologies, and component selection. The audience is also expected to have operational knowledge of the interface buses and communication protocols chosen to support all the accessories and peripherals anticipated to be part of any final configuration.
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