• 07/14/2017
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Antenna Connector Details

This topic provides information on the following:
  • Specifications for antennas and connectors for the Intel Joule Compute Module.
  • How to connect an antenna to the module.
  • How to disconnect an antenna from the module.
Connector and antenna specifications
General recommendations
  • Always have both antennas connected to reduce the influence of multipath propagation.
  • Use care not to bend, or kink the antenna cables. Route the cable around, not over, other system components that can generate electrical interference.
  • Changing the antenna can impact regulatory certifications and international authorizations. It is the sole responsibility of the product development team to ensure compliance with local rules for intended usage.
  • Performance can degrade when antenna specifications aren't matched to radio parameters.
Module connectors
  • The Intel Joule module has two MFH4 (U.FL compatible) connectors for wireless antennas.
: Module antenna connectors are rated for a maximum of 30 connection cycles.
  • Study the MHF4 design, specifications, and tools available on the Internet.
Attach an Antenna
The Intel® Joule™ development kit ships with an included antenna device already connected to the module.
It's recommended you leave the antenna connected to the module at all times. The precision interface can easily be damaged by improper disconnection or re-connection.
Follow these steps if you must reconnect an antenna:
  1. Inspect the antenna receptacles on the module; don't use if deformed or damaged.
  2. If possible, acquire or 3D print an installation tool. If using a tool; follow the instructions found with the tool.
  3. For manual installation, align the connectors so they are perpendicular. Attempting to engage connectors at an angle damages both connectors.
  4. Press the antenna wire connector straight down onto the module receptacle. You should hear an audible click and mechanical snap when a proper connection is made.
Remove an Antenna
  1. Acquire and use the reference tool and method provided by the connector manufacturer, if possible.
  2. Don' t detach the connector by pulling on the antenna cable or lead wire.
  3. An alternate method from using the manufacturer-created tool is to use a non-metal tweezer-like device. Use it to simultaneously apply separation forces on two sides of the connector evenly between the cable connector and the board-mounted connector to gently lift the connector off the receptacle.
Always refer to the datasheet and specification from the connector manufacturer.
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