• 07/14/2017
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Antenna Connection and Placement

Antenna Connection to the Module
The development kit is provided with the two wireless antennas attached to the module. See Antenna Connector Detail for more information about the wireless connectors and how to attach and detach the MHF.4 leads. See Antenna Parameters if you are exploring alternate antenna solutions for your use case.
Antenna Placement
Antenna placement can have a significant impact on wireless performance. You can achieve best results by following these guidelines:
  • Do prevent kinks and formed damaged to the antenna leads
  • Do loop excess cable lead-wire in a non-binding manner
  • Do not twist the antenna wires together
  • Do not wrap the antenna wires around other wires
  • Do not cross the antenna and the MIPI CSI flex cables
  • Do not place the antenna against large metal surfaces
  • Do not allow antenna wire to be pulled into cooling fans

Product and Performance Information


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