• 07/14/2017
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Connecting the Power Source

The development platform can be powered by either a direct DC supply or the USB Type-C connector. Attempting to change input sources after the platform has powered on will trigger a reboot because the input mux does not support dynamic cross over.
While the expansion board does have a power button at location SW2, this is mostly used to power down or reset (power cycle) the platform. The board will begin to boot as soon as power is supplied.
DC Input Jack
The development platform board requires a 12VDC supply that is capable of delivering a constant 3 Amps of current without a voltage drop.
USB Type-C Power
A USB Type-C power source will allow the board to operate, yet high workloads or attached accessories can exceed the available current on the Type-C bus and cause the board to become unstable or shutdown.

Product and Performance Information


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