• 07/14/2017
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Camera Assembly Guide

Cameras may be purchased here:
Module separation
The module must be removed from the expansion board to install the MIPI CSI camera flex cables. The connectors are on the bottom side of the module.
Follow this guide to remove the module from the expansion board. Take extra care when manipulating the antenna wires. See Antenna Placement for more information.
Connect the camera flex circuits
The JCAM1 (13MP) and JCAM2 (5MP) connectors are 40-pin, dual-row, high density press-fit interfaces.
Identify the camera and connector to be used (5MP, 13MP or both) and then repeat as required for the configuration.
  1. Align the module printed flex circuit connector with the flex heading away from the module as shown below
  2. Press the flex connector down until it fully engages with the module connector
  3. Repeat for the other camera interface, if it will be used
Reattach the module
The same guide also includes instructions for reattaching the module to the expansion board.
Install an active cooling solution
Assemble platform enclosure
It is recommended to use an enclosure to protect the platform and securely hold the cameras. Keep the camera flex circuits away from the wireless antenna leads.

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