• 07/14/2017
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XFCE Remote Host via Type-C SSH Connection

The X Window System (X11) can be used to tunnel windowed elements from the Intel® Joule™ module's XCFE interface to a host PC using an SSH connection over USB Type-C.
Example for an Ubuntu Linux* PC Host
An SSH connection between the client module and the host Linux* PC via the USB Type-C port should be made. For a description of how to connect and configure this see USB SSH Networking.
X11 will not work if the SSH connection uses a root account in the client module so, if a separate user account doesn't already exist on the module a new one can be created using:
root@intel-5xx-64:~# adduser <new-user>
After this has been created (including an associated password) X display needs to be exported:
root@intel-5xx-64:~# export DISPLAY=localhost:0.0
Next, from the Ubuntu host a new SSH connection for X11 is enabled using the user account.
user@ubuntu:~$ ssh -X <new-user>@
The command prompt now represents the new SSH connection to the module and all commands will be executed on the module. You can now open XFCE windows in the host Ubuntu PC. For example, to open a client terminal window on our host PC we can use the command:
root@intel-5xx-64:~# xfce4-terminal

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