• 07/14/2017
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Adding Your Own Recipe to Ref-OS-IoT

It is possible to create your own Yocto recipes from scratch and add them to the image. This section describes the required steps to add a hello_world C program to our image. The GNU hello_world is a real project that you can download from http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/hello/hello-2.7.tar.gz.
The Ref-OS-IoT will not allow new recipes to be part of the build unless SUPPORTED_RECIPES_CHECK is properly handled.
Perform one of the following three methods to successfully customize your recipe:
  1. Disable the check with SUPPORTED_RECIPES_CHECK = "" in local.conf.
  2. Create a new file which lists the unsupported recipes and extend SUPPORTED_RECIPES:
     SUPPORTED_RECIPES_append = " <path>/recipes-supported-by-me.txt"
  3. Add the unsupported recipes to
Create Your Own Recipe for Hello
For example: as
DESCRIPTION = "GNU Helloworld application"
 LIC_FILES_CHKSUM ="file://COPYING;md5=d32239bcb673463ab874e80d47fae504"
 SRC_URI = "${GNU_MIRROR}/hello/hello-${PV}.tar.gz"
 SRC_URI[md5sum] = "fc01b05c7f943d3c42124942a2a9bb3a"
 inherit autotools gettext
Include hello in the image by adding the following line to the full image conf for the compute module as follows:
In file
 IMAGE_INSTALL_append = "\
 hello \
In file
IMAGE_INSTALL_append = "\
 hello \
You can now build the image following the instructions in OS_build_process.
Add an Intel IOT RefKit Recipe to Ref-OS-IoT
Syslog is a standard method of adding system log. Syslog is not included in the Ref-OS-IoT by default. But it can be enabled as follows.
n file
 IMAGE_INSTALL_append = "\
sysklogd \
In file
Disable SUPPORTED_RECIPES_CHECK as instructed in Supported Recipes Check.
Build and flash the image. Default configuration will start syslogd upon booting. Syslogd can be manually started with command:
systemctl start syslogd.service
Compile and run the sample program to test syslog.
#include <stdio.h> #include <unistd.h> #include <syslog.h> int main(void) {  openlog("slog", LOG_PID|LOG_CONS, LOG_USER);  syslog(LOG_INFO, "Hello from ref-os-iot syslog… ");  closelog();  return 0; }
Add Robot OS (ROS) to Ref-OS-IoT
Robot OS (ROS –
) features are supported by Ref-OS-IoT but not included in the official image by default. These can be included in your own build of Ref-OS-IoT by making the following changes to build/conf/local.conf before building the image:

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