• 07/14/2017
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Fetching and Building the Ref-OS-IoT Files

You can download the latest factory pre-built image from the Download Center, or you can build your own image from source from github using bitbake.
Fetching the Reference Operating System for IoT (Ref-OS-IoT)
is hosted as a github project and can be downloaded by visiting https://github.com/01org/ref-os-iot.
lease follow the github documentation if you are new to github and configure your development system to use git.
Typically this means, ensuring the following
sudo apt-get install build-essential git diffstat gawk chrpath texinfo libtool gcc-multilib bluez libglib2.0-dev   user@linuxbox:~$ git config --global user.name "User Name" user@linuxbox:~$ git config --global user.email user.name@your-org.com
You can use the github web interface to get the clone command or use the following to get a release by version number:
user@linuxbox: git clone
user@linuxbox:.../ref-os-iot$ git submodule update --recursive –init
user@linuxbox:.../ref-os-iot$ git reset hard release_1702
Building a Custom Image of Ref-OS-IoT
With the following instructions, a local image for Intel® Joule™ compute module can be made with default Ref-OS-IoT contents:
user@linuxbox: cd ref-os-iot
$ source
bitbake full-image

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