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  • 04/24/2019
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Install Docker Toolbox for Windows

Follow the steps below to install Docker Toolbox on your development machine. Keep the following in mind during installation:
  • The Docker instructions provide the option to install either the 
     update channel. We recommend installing the 
    update channel.
  • The installer may provide you with an option to install either the latest version of Docker or a specific version. We recommend installing the latest, so do not specify a version number.

Docker Toolbox installation basic steps

You need to perform the following high-level steps to install Docker Toolbox.
  1. Download the Docker Toolbox installer.
  2. Run the Docker Toolbox installer.
  3. Update the copy of VirtualBox included with Docker Toolbox.
  4. Start the "
    Docker Quickstart Terminal
    " tool.
  5. Test your Docker installation.

Download and run the Docker Toolbox installer

Download and run the Docker Toolbox installer.
: When running the Docker Toolbox installer, do not be surprised if it appears to hang for several minutes, this may happen, especially if you are located behind a proxy server.

Start the "Docker Quickstart Terminal" tool

If you are NOT behind a proxy server
: Start the Docker Quickstart Terminal tool using the shortcut installed with Docker Toolbox. You can then skip straight to testing your installation.
If you ARE located behind a corporate proxy server
: You should NOT use the "Docker Quickstart Terminal" shortcut to start Docker Toolbox the very first time! It will likely fail, due to network connection problems. This is because the git-bash shell that it uses is relying on the HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY environment variables to be set for your proxy server. 
Instead, follow the steps below.

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