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Processor Requirements
  • For general operations with user interface and all data collection except Hardware event-based sampling analysis:
    • A PC based on an IA-32 or Intel® 64 architecture processor supporting the Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 (Intel® SSE2) instructions (Intel® Pentium® 4 processor or later, or compatible non-Intel processor).
    • For the best experience, a multi-core or multi-processor system is recommended.
    • Because the VTune Amplifier requires specific knowledge of assembly-level instructions, its analysis may not operate correctly if a program contains non-Intel instructions. In this case, run the analysis with a target executable that contains only Intel® instructions. After you finish using the VTune Amplifier, you can use the assembler code or optimizing compiler options that provide the non-Intel instructions.
  • For Hardware event-based sampling analysis (EBS):
    • EBS analysis makes use of the on-chip Performance Monitoring Unit (PMU) and requires a genuine Intel® processor for collection. EBS analysis is supported on Intel® Pentium® M, Intel® Core™ microarchitecture and newer processors (for more precise details, see the list below).
    • EBS analysis is not supported on the Intel® Pentium 4 processor family (Intel® NetBurst® MicroArchitecture) and non-Intel processors. However, the results collected with EBS can be analyzed using any system meeting the less restrictive general operation requirements.
    • EBS analysis within a virtual machine is available in the following environments virtualizing the on-chip Performance Monitoring Unit (PMU):
      • VMware Fusion* 5 and higher
      • KVM with Linux Kernel 3.2 and QEMU 1.4
      • XEN 4.0 and higher for User Domain (domU)
    Event-Based Sampling and Sampling with stacks data collection is functional inside a virtual machine only for architectural events.
    Please see the
    Performance Monitoring Unit Sharing Guide
    at http://software.intel.com/file/30388/ for more details on the supported architectural events.
    VTune Amplifier installation detects virtual environment and disable sampling drivers installation to avoid system instability.
    Hardware Event-based Sampling (EBS) analysis runs a driverless sampling collection via Linux Perf* tool.
  • The list of supported processors is constantly being extended. In general VTune Amplifier supports publicly launched Desktop, Mobile, Server and Embedded Processors listed at https://ark.intel.com/. For pre-release processor support please file a support request at Online Service Center (https://www.intel.com/supporttickets).
Processor Requirements for Android Targets
  • 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors (based on Intel® Microarchitecture code name Haswell)
  • Intel® Atom™ Z25XX (code name CloverView+)
  • Intel® Atom™ Z34XX (code name Merrifield)
  • Intel® Atom™ Z35XX (code name Moorefield)
  • Intel® Atom™ Z37XX (code name Bay Trail)
  • Intel® Atom™ x7 Z8700 & x5 Z8500/X8400 processor series (code name Cherry Trail)
For collection:
  • The collection utilities make use of the Performance Monitoring Unit (PMU) and Architectural Model Specific Registers (MSR) and therefore require a genuine Intel® Atom processor for collection.
  • Collected results can be analyzed using any system meeting the less restrictive general operation requirements.
System Memory Requirements
At least 2 GB of RAM
Disk Space Requirements
900 MB free disk space required for all product features and all architectures

Product and Performance Information


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