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  • 2020
  • 07/15/2020
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Enables or disables denormals-are-zero (DAZ) mode.


IppStatus ippSetDenormAreZeros(int
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Switch to set or clear the corresponding bit of the MXCSR register.
  • When
    is not equal to zero, denormals-are-zero (DAZ) mode is enabled
  • When
    is set to zero, DAZ mode is disabled
This function enables the DAZ mode for processors that support Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions instructions. The DAZ mode controls the processor response to a SIMD floating-point denormal operand condition. When the DAZ flag is set, the processor converts all denormal source operands to zero with the sign of the original operand before performing any computations on source data. Use this function to improve processor performance of applications such as streaming media processing, where rounding a denormal operand to zero does not noticeably affect the quality of the processed data.
Return Values
Indicates no error.
Indicates an error condition when the DAZ mode is not supported by the processor.

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