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  • 06/28/2021
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Windowing Functions

This section describes Intel IPP windowing functions used in image processing. A window is a mathematical function by which pixel values are multiplied to prepare an image for the subsequent analysis. This procedure is often called ‘windowing'. In fact, a window function approaches zero towards the edges of the image avoiding strong distortions of spectral densities in the Fourier domain.
The Intel IPP provides two following types of window functions:
  • Bartlett window function
  • Hamming window function
These functions generate the window samples and applied them to the specified image. To obtain the window samples themselves, you should apply the desired function to the image with all pixel values set to 1.0. As the windowing operation is very time consuming, it may be useful if you want to apply the same window to the multiple images. In this case use one of the image multiplication functions (
to multiply the pixel values of the image by the window samples.

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