Blurring an Image Using

A box blur of an image is a filtering process that sets each pixel in a destination image to the average value of all pixels of a source image in a rectangular neighborhood of the specified mask size. This operation has the effect of blurring or smoothing of the source image.
Intel IPP
function implements box blurring of an image. Before calling the processing function, you need to allocate memory for the work buffer. You can get the required memory size for the specified parameters using the
auxiliary function. The code extract below demonstrates how to use the box blur functionality of Intel IPP:
… IppStatus status = ippStsNoErr; IppiSize maskSize = {3,3}; IppiSize srcSize = {0}; Ipp8u* pBuffer = NULL; Ipp8u* pSrc = NULL; Ipp8u* pDst = NULL; int srcStep, dstStep; … /* assigning parameters */ … /* Get work buffer size */ status = ippiFilterBoxBorderGetBufferSize(srcSize, maskSize, ipp8u, 3, &bufSize); pBuffer = ippsMalloc_8u(bufSize); /* Filter the image */ if (status >= ippStsNoErr) status = ippiFilterBoxBorder_8u_C3R(pSrc, srcStep, pDst, dstStep, srcSize, maskSize, ippBorderRepl, NULL, pBuffer); if (pBuffer) ippsFree(pBuffer); …
For more information about the
API and auxiliary functions, refer to the
Intel IPP Developer Reference

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