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  • 09/30/2019
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Structures and Enumerators


Internal structure for data sharing between Resize functions:
typedef struct _IwiResizeSpec IwiResizeSpec;


Structure for Resize optional parameters:
typedef struct _IwiResizeParams { Ipp32f cubicBVal; Ipp32f cubicCVal; Ipp32u lanczosLobes; Ipp32u antialiasing; } IwiResizeParams;
The first parameter for Cubic filters.
The second parameter for Cubic filters.
Parameter for Lanczos filter. Supported values: 2 or 3.
If equal to 0 (default) - use resize without antialiasing, any other value - use resize with antialiasing. Use antialiasing to minimize moire artifacts when reducing the size of an image.

Product and Performance Information


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