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  • 09/30/2019
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Signal Processing Structures


Structure that contains border sizes for signal filters:
typedef struct { IwSize borderLeft; IwSize borderRight; } IwsBorderSize;


Structure that contains a region of interest for signal processing:
typedef struct { IwSize x; IwSize len; } IwsRoi;


Base structure for signal processing functions to store input and output data:
typedef struct _IwsVector { void *m_pBuffer; // Pointer to vector buffer. This variable must be NULL for any external buffer. void *m_ptr; // Pointer to the starting point of actual vector data. This pointer must be NULL for read-only vector. const void *m_ptrConst; // Pointer to the starting point of actual read-only vector data. This pointer is valid for any vector. IwSize m_size; // Vector size, in elements. IppDataType m_dataType; // Vector element type. int m_typeSize; // Size of vector element, in bytes. IwsBorderSize m_inMemSize; // Memory border size around the image data. } IwsVector;


Main structure for semi-automatic ROI operations. This structure provides main context for tiling across IW API. It contains values for complex pipelines tiling:
{ IwsRoi m_srcRoi; // Absolute ROI for source vector. IwsRoi m_dstRoi; // Absolute ROI for destination vector. int m_initialized; // Internal initialization states. } IwsTile;

Product and Performance Information


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