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The Qualitative Timeline shows event attributes, such as the data volume of messages, as they occur over time. To open the Qualitative Timeline, select
Charts > Qualitative Timeline
The value of the event attribute is plotted along the vertical (y) axis and time is plotted along the horizontal (x) axis. Select the required event type and attributes from the context menu. Use the Qualitative Timeline to detect patterns and irregular behavior such as extreme deviations or long-term changes in attribute values.
A vertical line in the Qualitative Timeline can represent:
  • a single event (denoted as
    in the legend)
  • several events grouped together (denoted as
    in the legend)
For the Poisson example, Qualitative Timeline exposes the pattern of function events. To see it, do the following:
  1. Open the Qualitative Timeline using
    Charts > Qualitative Timeline
  2. Right-click on the Qualitative Timeline to display its Context Menu. Select
    Events to show
    and then select
    Function Events
  3. Zoom into a bunch of iterations.
As a result, you see the staircase pattern that is indicative of your application being serialized:
Intel® Trace Analyzer
For more information on detecting and removing serialization in your application, refer to the
Tutorial: Detecting and Removing Unnecessary Serialization
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