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This dialog box provides you with detailed information about function events.
Intel® Trace Analyzer
Use the following entries of this dialog box:
Select This:
To Do This:
Specify the name of the selected function. If it represents a Function Group, then it is prefixed with the Group name.
Process Group
Specify the Process, Function or Group in which the selected event occurred
Show the time spent in a given Function/Group.
For coarser resolutions (Count ≥ 1), the value does not reflect the actual time spent in this function but the length of the time interval over which several function events were merged.
Start Time
Show the time when the event entered the Function/Group.
For coarser resolutions (Count ≥ 1) the value represents the start of the time interval over which several function events where merged.
End Time
Show the time when the event left the Function/Group.
On coarser resolutions (Count ≥ 1) the value represents the end of time the interval over which several function events where merged.
Total #Calls
Give the total number of function calls. It contains all calls covered by the function in the given time interval, including calls to functions other than the function clicked. 
If the column Total #Calls shows a value greater than one, the event was created by merging several atomic events.
Each entry representing a merged event shows a View, which focuses on the data that went into this entry using the drill down button shown next to the entry. This is called a Detail View; it is a full blown View without restrictions. In the dialog box below the list is a check box that allows you to filter out the other event categories in the Detail View to be opened.
Sometimes a Function starts before and/or ends after the displayed time interval. In these possible cases, you may see in the Details dialog a less
character preceding the numeric value listed under the column Start Time, and a greater
character preceding the numeric values listed under the columns
End Time
. These numeric values are the boundaries of the current zoom interval.

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