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Use this dialog box to to enter or edit a time interval or duration in a filter expression or to enter a new time interval for the whole View.
To open this dialog box, go to
Navigate > Time Interval... (G)
or press the button on the toolbar. When you open this dialog box this way, it enables you to enter a new time interval for the whole View. This interval is pushed onto the zoom stack and the View is updated accordingly.
You can also open the Time Interval Selection dialog box from the filter dialog boxes/ In this case the dialog box enters or edits a time interval or duration in a filter expression.
Intel® Trace Analyzer
Specify the time interval in ticks or seconds. You can enter the interval either by giving the start and stop or by giving the center and width. It is possible to enter a value that is greater than the maximum value of the trace file's time interval; in this case, this value is automatically reduced to the maximum value (tmax of the trace).
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