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Generally, every View is split into two sections: Timelines and Profiles. Use the Layout menu to organize the Charts.
Intel® Trace Analyzer
The Layout choices are available when there are two or more charts open.
The following entries are available in the Layout menu:
Timelines to Top
Move the timelines to the top of the View and the profiles to the bottom.
Timelines to Bottom
Move the timelines to the bottom of the View and the profiles to the top.
Timelines to Left
This moves the timeline(s) being shown in the View to the left of the screen, and also shifts the profiles being shown to the right side.
When there are multiple timelines visible, they are collectively shown one below the other on the left side.
Timelines to Right
Place all the timelines to the right of the View. It works the same way as the
Timelines to Left
Toggle Timeline Layout
Change the location of the timelines relative to each other. It is useful only when two or more timelines are open at the same time.
If the timelines are stacked and aligned on top of each other, use this option to present them next to each other (or vice versa). The menu entry switches between the two choices.
Toggle Profile Layout
Change the position of the profiles relative to each other, similar to the
Toggle Timeline Layout
Default Layout
Restore the View layout to the default settings. By default, timelines are stacked vertically at the top of the View with Profiles along the bottom, side by side.
For example, select the
Timelines to Right
to place the Event Timeline on the right and the Function Profile on the left:
Intel® Trace Analyzer

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