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otf2-to-stf Utility

This is a preview feature. A preview feature may be changed or removed in a future production release.


otf2-to-stf <options> <OTF2 file> --help --version


Use this utility to convert an OTF2 trace file to the STF format to be able to view the trace file in Intel® Trace Analyzer. After conversion the resulting file appears in the same directory as the input file.
utility is available on Linux* OS only.



otf2-to-stf --p2p example.otf2 # identification of sending and receiving functions for point-to-point operations otf2-to-stf --user-func example.otf2 # create separate events for each user function otf2-to-stf --singlestf-no example.otf2 # use the many-file STF format as output

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