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What's New

Intel® Trace Analyzer 2020
  • Removal from documentation of content specific to Intel
    Parallel Studio XE (see notice on title page).
Intel® Trace Analyzer 2019
  • Bug fixes
Intel® Trace Analyzer 2018 Update 2
Intel® Trace Analyzer 2018
  • Intel Trace Analyzer can now display OpenSHMEM* function calls on charts.
  • Removed macOS* support.
  • Removed support for the indexed trace file (ITF) format.
Intel® Trace Analyzer 2017 Update 2
  • Enhancements of function color selection on timelines.
Intel® Trace Analyzer 2017 Update 1
Intel® Trace Analyzer 2017
  • Introduced the OTF2 to STF trace format converter (preview). See OTF2 Format Support.
  • The default analysis type with lntel® VTune™ Profiler has changed from
  • Custom plug-in framework is now removed from the product.

Product and Performance Information


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