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If you right-click the point where the correctness checking reposrts (CCRs) are present, you can get information about them in the detailed dialog box. The information contains all fields of the Report Data structure that comes from STF. Each data item may contain five fields that are specifiers for the particular report. You can expand each report item in the Detailed Dialog to get the information from the specifiers.
Intel® Trace Analyzer
There can be the following fields:
Expand the drop-down menu to see processes in which the issue occurred
Show Source
Press this button to get the exact line in the code at which the issue occurred
See the moment of time (in seconds or ticks) at which the issue occurred
See the type of the issue in this string
See the level of the issue in this string. It can be
Entry Time
See the vector containing moments of time for every process involved into the issue
Entry Process
See the vector containing numbers of the processes involved into the issue
See the vector of strings containing descriptions of the issue for a particular process
See the vector of strings containing function calls involved into the issue
See the vector of functions involved into the issue
The values of fields from
Entry Time
can be different; the sizes of these vectors are equal to each other.

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