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Defines a source code location on request and then remembers the handle.
Can be used to avoid the overhead of defining the location several times in
. Best used together with the define
Constructor & Destructor Documentation
VT_SclDef( const char *file, int line )
Member Function Documentation
int m_handle
Stores the SCL handle, 0 if not defined yet.
const char *m_file
Stores the file name.
int m_line
Stores the line number.
int GetHandle()
Checks whether the SCL is already defined or not.
Returns handle as soon as it is available, else 0. Defining the function may be impossible for example, because Intel® Trace Collector was not initialized or ran out of memory.
#define VT_SCL_DEF_CXX(_sclvar) static VT_SclDef _sclvar( __FILE__, __LINE__ )
This preprocessor macro creates a static source code location definition for the current file and line in C++.

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