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Tracing OpenSHMEM Applications

Intel® Trace Collector supports tracing of OpenSHMEM* applications on Linux* OS. If an application includes OpenSHMEM functions, Intel Trace Collector traces them and stores as a separate group in the trace file. This support is enabled in the
library, while the other tracing libraries listed in Product Components do not have this functionality.
You need to have an MPICH-based MPI library available in
For OpenSHMEM implementations utilizing MPICH-based MPIs, to trace an OpenSHMEM application, follow the steps described in Tracing Conventional MPI Applications. No additional steps required.
For other OpenSHMEM implementations, trace the application as follows:
$ LD_PRELOAD=libVT.so:libmpi.so oshrun -n 4 ./shmem-app
Note that we do not provide SHMEM launchers within the ITAC package.

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