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Performs all initialization for the actual FFT computation.


Include Files
  • mkl_cdft.h
Input Parameters
The descriptor handle. Must be valid, that is, created in a call to
The cluster FFT interface requires a function that completes initialization of a previously created descriptor before the descriptor can be used for FFT computations in a particular MPI process. The
function performs all initialization that facilitates the actual FFT computation. For the current implementation, it may involve exploring many different factorizations of the input length to search for highly efficient computation method.
Any changes of configuration parameters of a committed descriptor via the set value function requires a re-committal of the descriptor before a computation function can be invoked. Typically, this committal function is called right before a computation function call .
Return Values
The function returns
when completes successfully. If the function fails, it returns a value of another error class constant (for the list of constants, refer to Error Codes).
    MKL_LONG DftiCommitDescriptorDM(DFTI_DESCRIPTOR_DM_HANDLE handle);    

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