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Cluster FFT Interface

To use the cluster FFT functions, you need to
access the header file
through "
The C interface provides a structure type
and a number of functions, some of which accept a different number of input arguments.
To provide communication between parallel processes through MPI, the following include statement must be present in your code:
  • C/C++:
    #include "mpi.h"
There are three main categories of the cluster FFT functions in
Intel® MKL
  1. Descriptor Manipulation
    . There are three functions in this category. The
    function creates an FFT descriptor whose storage is allocated dynamically. The
    function "commits" the descriptor to all its settings. The
    function frees up the memory allocated for the descriptor.
  2. FFT Computation
    . There are two functions in this category. The
    function performs the forward FFT computation, and the
    function performs the backward FFT computation.
  3. Descriptor Configuration
    . There are two functions in this category. The
    function sets one specific configuration value to one of the many configuration parameters. The
    function gets the current value of any of these configuration parameters, all of which are readable. These parameters, though many, are handled one at a time.

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