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FFT Functions

The fast Fourier transform function library of
Intel® MKL
provides one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and multi-dimensional transforms (of up to seven dimensions) and offers both Fortran and C interfaces for all transform functions.
"FFT Functions in
Intel® MKL
lists FFT functions implemented in
Intel® MKL
FFT Functions in
Intel® MKL
Function Name
Descriptor Manipulation Functions
Allocates the descriptor data structure and initializes it with default configuration values.
Performs all initialization for the actual FFT computation.
Frees memory allocated for a descriptor.
Makes a copy of an existing descriptor.
FFT Computation Functions
Computes the forward FFT.
Computes the backward FFT.
Descriptor Configuration Functions
Sets one particular configuration parameter with the specified configuration value.
Gets the value of one particular configuration parameter.
Status Checking Functions
Checks if the status reflects an error of a predefined class.
Translates the numeric value of an error status into a message.

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