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  • 07/15/2020
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FFT Interface

Intel® MKL
FFT functions are provided with the Fortran and C interfaces.
Fortran 95 is required because it offers features that have no counterpart in FORTRAN 77.
The Fortran interface of the FFT computation functions requires one-dimensional data arrays for any dimension of FFT problem. For multidimensional transforms, pass the address of the first column of the multidimensional data to the computation functions.
To use the FFT functions, you need to
access the module
through the Fortran
The Fortran interface provides a derived type
, named constants representing various names of configuration parameters and their possible values, and overloaded functions through the generic functionality of Fortran 95.
The current version of the library may not support some of the FFT functions or functionality. You can find the complete list of the implementation-specific exceptions in the
Intel® MKL
Release Notes.
For the main categories of
Intel® MKL
FFT functions, see FFT Functions .

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