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Application Notes for Intel® Math Kernel Library Summary Statistics

Summary Statistics is a subcomponent of the Vector Statistics domain of Intel® Math Kernel Library. Summary Statistics provides you with functions for initial statistical analysis, and offers solutions for parallel processing of multi-dimensional datasets.
These Application Notes cover the algorithms, interfaces, usage models, and the most important features of Summary Statistics.
Algorithms and Interfaces in Summary Statistics
See Algorithms and Interfaces in Summary Statistics for information on methods and usage specifics of Summary Statistics algorithms.
Common Usage Model of Summary Statistics
Common Usage Model of Summary Statistics gives you an idea of what a typical Summary Statistics application looks like.
Dealing With Out-Of-Memory Datasets
If you have to deal with large datasets that do not fit into your target system’s memory, consider Processing Data in Blocks. The Computing Quantiles for Streaming Data section covers some steps that are specific to estimating quantiles for out-of-memory data.
Working with Data that Has Outliers and Missing Values
The chapters Detecting Outliers in Datasets and Dealing with Missing Observations can help you process imperfect real-world data.

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