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Running FFTW2 Interface Wrapper Examples

Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library
provides examples to demonstrate how to use the MPI FFTW wrapper library. The source code for the examples, makefiles used to run them, and files with lists of examples are located in the
subdirectory in the
Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library
directory. To build examples, several additional files are needed:
. These files are distributed with permission from FFTW and are available in
. The original files can also be found in FFTW 2.1.5 at
An example makefile uses the
parameter in addition to the parameters of the corresponding wrapper library makefile (see Creating a Wrapper Library). The makefile comment heading provides the exact description of these parameters.
An example makefile normally invokes examples. However, if the appropriate wrapper library is not yet created, the makefile first builds the library the same way as the wrapper library makefile does and then proceeds to examples.
If the parameter
is defined, only the specified example runs. Otherwise, all examples from the appropriate subdirectory run. The subdirectory
is created, and the results are stored there in the
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